Our Team

Society of Automotive Engineers:
Baja at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2017 - 2018 Leadership


Rebecca Cole (18)


Jenna Leane (18)

Chief Engineer

Andy Kopplin (18)

Subsystem Leads

Brittany Poppen (18) - Chassis

Joe Schaefer (19) - Suspension

Joe Kraemer (18) - Drivetrain

Nick Tuczak (19) - Electronics


We design and build an off-road vehicle on an annual basis for competition in the SAE Baja Collegiate Design Series.

We as a team are committed to maintaining the high standard of engineering excellence for which UIUC is known. From design to fabrication, we incorporate the skills we have learned in class and the workplace so that we know we are building the best car we can.

Our team structure allows all members to become actively involved regardless of age or skill level. We operate by the mantra of training new members quickly and getting a tool in their hands, so if hands-on work is what you're looking for then you've found it!

The members of our team come from many different backgrounds. Some grew up on farms in Illinois, and some are from China or Brazil. Some have worked in Agriculture, and some have worked in Aerospace. All are incredibly talented and dedicated to making a winning car.