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Team Overview

The Baja team is full of intelligent and ambitious engineering students from many different backgrounds. We have some common traits, though: we all have a passion for quality and we like playing in the mud.

If you're looking to get your hands dirty with some real engineering challenges while you're at Illinois, Baja is the place for you. Nowhere else are you guaranteed to have the opportunity to design, build, and drive your project.

Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities to drive the cars. We have scheduled drive days, exhibition events, and miscellaneous tests during which all members will have the opportunity to drive. Cool, right?

If this isn't starting to sound like your kind of thing, go browse YouTube for a while and come back. Otherwise, shoot us an email and we'll get some tools in your hands.

How to Join

To join our ranks, all you have to show up! Watch our calendar or email any of the captains or leads to find out when we're meeting, then just come find us at the shop and let us know you want to get involved. We'll find you something to do.

Team email:

Let's have some fun!