Redd (2023)

Redd was our third iteration four-wheel drive car, with a slightly larger frame to encompass the new larger Kohler engine. Alongside the larger frame, we decided to change the packaging of the front hubs and move to a different rear suspension setup, opting for a semi-trailing arm and toe links instead of the loaded driveshafts and H-arm setup previously used. This new setup provided great success at competition, with no issues relating to the suspension with great maneuverability to accompany.


2023 Oshkosh

18th – Acceleration

7th – Sled Pull

15th – Suspension

13th – Design

5th – Business

24th – Cost

19th – Endurance

13th – Overall!

2023 Oregon

22nd – Acceleration

16th – Hill Climb

12th – Maneuverability

8th – Rock Crawl

4th – Design

11th – Business

36th – Cost

38th – Endurance

17th – Overall!

2023 Ohio

16th – Acceleration

13th – Pilot Pull

16th – Maneuverability

23rd – Suspension

31st – Design

11th – Business

11th – Cost

35th – Endurance

23rd – Overall