Beckley (2022)

Beckley was our second four-wheel drive car. With a smaller frame, Beckley was more compact than Margaret (2021), which came with its own challenges in the packaging of all its components. Although lighter than Margaret, Beckley was still significantly heavier than our two-wheel-drive cars. Beckley was great for maneuverability but ran into problems with its new carbon fiber tie rods, the CVT, and its axially-loaded driveshafts. After having brake issues in Tennessee, Beckley did not pass brake check and couldn’t compete in dynamic events. Despite all of these challenges, Beckley returned and performed well in the Rochester competition.

Business Events:

9/78 – Cost Event

22/92 – Sales Presentation

Baja Tennessee Tech:

7th – Design Event

59/93 Overall

Baja Rochester:

20th – Design Event

22nd – Maneuverability

41st – Acceleration

54/88 Overall